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A Time of Light and Shadow , published by Rocky Mountain Books (RMB) October 2022,

is available at the following locations:

Upcoming Events

Ella is available for speaking engagements to share her slides, books, and experiences. 

Squamish Public Library May 25, 2023

Vancouver Public Library June 27, 2023

Podcast: “Why Women are dominating the world of adventure travel.”  

Press: UK Traveler magazine: “Five places that changed my life.” 02022/Traveller%20Autumn%202022_Five%20Places.pdf   

“When Women Inspire” – an interview:



The Writers Union of Canada (TWUC): 

Creative Non-Fiction Collective (CNFC):

BC Federation of Writers (FBCW):

International Women's Writers Guild (IWWG):

Encounters on the Front Line:

Books by Nurse Authors:

BC BookLook: Cambodia Was My Teacher:  read article

Not all those who wander are lost.
J R R  Tolkein
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