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A Time of Light and Shadow

To Asia, Africa, and the long way home

A Time of Light and Shadow is a travel adventure that explores my quest as a young woman to live life on the front lines. While confronting the harsh realities of conflict zones, chasing adventure, and traveling solo in disparate cultures, I find connection in the unlikeliest of places.


In 1975, a time of new freedom for women, I lived in Paris, worked as a nurse in war-torn Lebanon, and fell in love in Istanbul. Jostled between cultures, between love and loss, I found my way home. A year later, I set off alone for India, a land of unsettling contradictions. A solo trek in the Himalayas completed that Asian journey. 


By 1980, I was working for the International Red Cross, immersed in the heart-wrenching tragedy of a Cambodian refugee camp, and later that same year with the nomadic Issa in the drought-ridden desert of Djibouti, Africa. Faced with the immensity of poverty and suffering, my commitment to service was shaken. 


Four decades later, I return to India, and ask myself “Would I dare do now what I readily did then?” I explore my complicity in privilege, my troubled past with my mother, and reflect on solitude and friendship, youth and aging, longing and belonging. I believe it is in conscious engagement with ‘the other’ that we find our common humanity. 

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Encounters on the Front Line


Encounters on the Front Line is a nurse’s journey that begins in a Cambodian refugee camp after the horrific Khmer Rouge regime. Nearly three decades later Ella returns. She meets the people on the front lines - the human rights activists, the caregivers, and those who needed care, inspiring her to explore the challenges of service.


"Powerful and poignant, intimate and insightful. The careful reader will learn a great deal about Cambodia’s recent history and current culture as the Khmer people struggle to deal with the unfathomable trauma that continues to shape them."
— Bill Herod, Human Rights Worker, Cambodia


"A riveting and enlightening book, brimming with perspective.  Elaine writes with great honesty, passion and clarity." 
— Woody Wheeler, author of Look Up 


Encounters on the Front Line

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You can't cross the sea
by merely standing and staring at the water.
Rabrindanath  Tagore
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